Creative Direction: Tim Lane

Published on Penguin Books UK YouTube Chanel

Shortly after joining Penguin, I relaunched and re-imagined Penguin’s video content, which sits within my Penguin Creative team. Since we re-launched the Penguin Books UK YouTube channel in November 2019, our subscribers have grown from 35K to over 75K. In addition, we had 173K monthly channel views in November, we now have 1.1m

Was the Moon Landing faked? | Big Questions with Neil deGrasse Tyson

Shot by John Trevaskis

Edited by Oisin Bickley

The Artist Behind Radiohead's Album Covers | Work In Progress with Stanley Donwood

Shot and edited by Oisin Bickley

Why a Coronavirus vaccine could take longer than you think | Footnotes

Shot and edited by Oisin Bickley

Michael Sheen recording the audiobook edition of Philip Pullman’s The Book of Dust: The Secret Commonwealth
Shot and edited by The Visuals Team

John Bishop: Between The Lines. Interview for his book, How To Grow Old

Shot and edited by The Visuals Team

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