This redesign covered the two sections of BuzzFeed editorial: BuzzFeed News and BuzzFeed Entertainment. It's Nice That interviewed Tim Lane on this redesign.


Here are the key elements of the redesign:


While keeping the visual virtues BuzzFeed was known for: colourful, irreverant, impactful, the new news direction is now more considered, using some of the best editorial illustrators and photographers in the world, with a refined template of fonts and colours


Design Tools: a chart building tool which allows the user to choose one of six charts, input data and then upload into the CMS. This now means that all the BuzzFeed charts that appear on the site look consistent

Brand collaborations: BuzzFeed's live election results show in a collaboration with Facebook. The show's design (branding, set, graphics etc) was in line with UK redesign



As well as building two new in house studios for photography and film, we also raised the standards of our original portrait photography to not only match but better our printed rivals

Exhibition: a series of portrait photographs we produced as part of Black History Month became BuzzFeed UK's first ever exhibition, in partnership with Box Park Shoreditch and Box Park Croydon



The new logo had to work across at least 8 different platforms, in square and circle, animated and static. We returned the colour to BuzzFeed Red and refreshed the typography

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